Europa Quiz: The Quiz about the European Union

Europa Quiz is the number one pub quiz about the European Union! Since 2015, the Europa Quiz tours around the Netherlands. A pub quiz full of interesting and fun questions about Europe; anything from history to geography, sports, food, music, film and more. A fun night out with friends and family. How much do you know about Europe? Sign up for the Europa Quiz and test it out!

The quiz is played in several rounds, including a picture round, music round and general knowledge questions – all about Europe! The team with the highest score takes home eternal fame and glory, and some fun prizes too! The quizzes are played in teams of max 5 players, participation is free of charge!

Can I join the Europa Quiz?

Most quizzes in this series of Europa Quiz are hosted in Dutch only. However, some quizzes will be hosted in English. International editions are marked as such in the list of dates and locations of all quizzes.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at one of these international editions of the Europa Quiz!

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